The search for the new board of ESN Breda has started!

Are you ready to take the next step within ESN? Or are you looking for a new challenge in an international organization? Become a board member of ESN Breda in the academic year of 2018-2019!

Why apply?

Doing a board year is a great professional experience and therefore a valuable addition to your CV. Moreover, you will be able to expand your network by taking advantage of the huge amount of connected ESN sections all over Europe. As a board member for ESN Breda, you will get plenty of travel opportunities as well. Most importantly, however, is the fact that you will be able to work together with students on a daily basis under the principle of ‘students helping students’. Together with your fellow board members, you will have a big impact on the lives of international students in Breda. And we can tell from our own experience that their gratitude is priceless!


Positions available

1. President/local Representative

The President of ESN Breda is responsible to set up short- and long-term strategies for the organization and keep to it during their mandate. They also manage the board members, visits the committees and leads the general meetings to make sure that every department is on track and the organization cooperates well internally. The President is also the link between the organization and external parties. Being a Local Representatives represent the local ESN section on a national and international level.

2. Vice-president/Secretary

The Vice-President shares the tasks of duties with the President.  The VP also has a Secretary group of tasks, which include things like monitoring the emails and communicating them towards the board, facilitates the board and general meetings, keeps minutes and generally helps out with operational tasks on the board level.

3. Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for everything that includes money in the organization. They handle the bank account and have contact with the bank. They oversee all expenses and incomes generated by each committee and creates financial statements for every semester and year. They are also involved in grants and funds.

4. Head of Exchange & student Relations

The Head of Exchange & Student Relations is responsible for setting up and running the Buddy Program and organizing specific social events for the buddies. They are also responsible for working together with the Student Office on matters that regard incoming exchange students. Another responsibility is arranging the airport pickups every start of the semester and representing ESN Breda at the arrival days. The Head of Exchange is responsible for managing their committee of volunteers as well.

5. Head of Events

The Head of Events and the events committee is responsible for organizing all public events of ESN Breda from start to finish. They are involved in coming up with an event calendar, concepts for each event as well as the planning and execution of them. They are managing their own budget and evaluating the past events based on several criteria in order to further improve in the future. They also get the chance to organize activities on national trips, such as the Berlin Trip or the Prague Trip.

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6. Head of Partnerships

Head of Partnerships and the partnerships committee is responsible for maintaining good relationships with local partner and arranging more partnerships on a local level. They also manage everything around the ESNcards including inventory, maintenance, customer care and making sure every partner is registered at and on the website of ESN Breda.

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7. Head of Marketing & Media

The Head of Marketing & Media handles all organization-wide marketing activities as well as helping maintain a good internal communication. Besides this, they’re responsible for managing the marketing committee. The marketing committee’s biggest task is event promotion offline and online. Next to it, they also take part in the general promotion, such as recruitment campaigns. They also produce the promotional materials, such as banners and videos.

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8.  Committee Member

Not ready yet to become a board member? You can also join one of our committees! (events, marketing, exchange, partnership or social Erasmus project). As a committee member, you actively participate ‘behind-the-scenes’ of ESN-Breda In collaboration with the board members and other committees, you will make sure our organisation runs smoothly. The active members are the backbone of our organisation so we would love to receive your application.

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By sending your CV, motivation letter (approximately 1 page) to Please state your name, age, email address and phone number and preferred board position(s) in the email itself as well.