1.The party place for our ESN Tuesday Nigths: Old Dutch Sports Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy a warm welcome at Sports bar and Restaurant Old Dutch in Breda. A place to come together, to experience sport, to eat, to drink and even to work. The restaurant offers fantastic food with the freshest ingredients, all prepared from their open kitchen. Each Tuesday will be ESN Night at Old Dutch Sports Bar. During these ESN Tuesday Nights there is special discounts:

      - Beer 20 cl      €1,60  

- Soft drink      €1,70 

- Mix drinks    €3,70 

- Corona          €3,50

- Wine             €2,00 

- 2 shots          €4,00 

- Sourz shot    €1,50

- 1 meter of beer    €16,00  

If you have an ESNcard, you can enjoy discounts all week in their sports bar area on:

     - “Grote bittergarnituur”     €8,-  

     - Beer and soft drinks         €2,-

     - Wine                                €2,50

     - Tea/ Coffee                     €1,80

Discount with your ESNcard from Sunday till Thursday in the Restaurant are: 

    - All Hotdogs (8 different)   €10,-

    - Burger wrap:                      €10,-

    - Grilled ½ Chicken:            €10,-

2.Your favourite sports place in Breda: BRESS


BRESS Breda Student Sports is well known among students in Breda for already 28 years. With a sports offer consisting of more than 50 different sports, ranging from fitness to swimming and from horseback riding to yoga, BRESS is the sport platform for students.

At the BRESS Sportcenter, there’s something to do for everyone; you can work-out, socialize, study or just grab a drink at the sports bar. Besides their sports offer in the sports center, you can also enjoy discounts at the sport partners in Breda by showing your BRESS sports card. BRESS is more than just sports! Every month multiple activities such as sport tournaments are organized but also wine tastings, pub quizzes, salsa nights and monkeys shed. In addition to this, courses such as self-defense are also given. Check out the activities page here.

For ESN card holders, BRESS offers two "try-out BRESS" passes instead of one. Some of BRESS activities are for free, but some of them cost € 2,- including a consumption. ESN card holders can join those activities for free and will also receive the consumption. This discount only applies if they sign up for the event prior to the event date. The discount does not apply for events that costs more than € 2,-. Both discounts apply for all ESN card members, it does not matter if they are a member of BRESS or not. Furthermore, BRESS offers a 15% discount on all food and drinks purchases for ESN card holders (exception: Yammie food and drinks) . 

For the exchange students who are in Breda for one semester only, BRESS has a special offer: a 6-month membership for € 59. Those students must provide BRESS with an official evidence that they are exchange students.  


3. The non-stop party place: De Kapitein

Non-stop party in the most pleasant bar in Breda, De Kapitein. It is the perfect place to party with your group of friends and on top of that you can get many discounts with the ESNcard. The discounts include: €2,00 for tapbeer, €2,50 for a bottle of beer, €2,50 for wine, and €5,00 for a mix drink at feestcafé de Kapitein every day during the week, with an exception of Friday and Saturday. Furthermore, students with an ESNcard can have dinner for just €5,00 every Thursday. For the diner the students have to make a reservation by themselves. 

4. The best place to celebrate any occasion: Feestfabriek

Feestfabriek is a bar in Breda where ESN card holders can buy beer, soda and wine for € 1,50 only, everyday except for Saturdays. The bar offers a nice young atmosphere and many ESN events take place there. Feestfabriek is located next to Miller Time. If you want to have the ultimate party experience, Feestfabriek and Miller Time are the places. 

5. Our favourite ESN party place: Miller Time

Miller Time is a bar in Breda where ESN card holders can buy beer, soda and wine for € 1,50 only, everyday except Saturdays. ESN organises many of its main events in Miller Time such as pubcrawls, buddy drinking & social gatherings and many more. Miller Time is the best place to meet new people, gather with friends and have your best time in Breda. 

6. Paaldansstudio & Dance Center

Image result for paaldansstudio breda

Paaldansstudio & Dance Center is the place to be when it comes to pole dancing, workshops, dance lessons and many more. Their team of experienced sport instructors provides lessons at a high level. Students holding an ESN card can benefit from their discounts:

  • One free try-out class; 
  • 15% discount on all memberships purchased by ESN card-holders. 

You can see the different memberships, lessons and workshops they offer on their website: https://www.paaldansstudio.nl/

7. Café de Speeltuin

Café de Speeltuin has been known for more than 16 years as one of the coziest bars in Breda!  On Wednesday everyone can sing as loud as they can during Karaoke Night while on Thursday it is always a surprise. On Fridays Café de Speeltuin presents Friday On The Rocks, live music with various bands and on Saturdays everyone can dance the night away on a mix of Pop, Rock, Top 40 & Dance.

Café de Speeltuin offers ESNcard holders a set price of drinks on the following:

  • €2.00,- tap beer
  • €2.50,- wine
  • €2.30,- soda
  • €2.50,- tequila shot
  • €5.50,- mixed drink with soda
  • €6.00,- mixed drink with Redbull