Are you a (new) international student, ready to meet new people and to get fully integrated into Breda? Or are you a Dutch student looking for that international experience without having to go abroad? Then ESN-Breda is the right place for you!

We welcome everyone to join our events, so keep an eye on the Facebook page and this website to see what events we have planned for you. In addition, make sure you get an ESNcard to take advantage of all benefits we can offer to our members. The ESNcard can be purchased at the ESN-Breda office for €10,- and will be valid for a full year! For more information, please click here.

Can’t get enough of ESN-Breda and looking for a new challenge? Ready to take your involvement to the next level? Then join one of our committees! As a committee member, you actively participate ‘behind-the-scenes’ of ESN-Breda In collaboration with the board members and other committees, you will make sure our organisation runs smoothly. The active members are the backbone of our organisation so we would love to receive your application.

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Events Committee
Being part of the events committee means organizing all different types of events or activities together with the Head of Events. Think about organizing large scale events such as the Masquerade Ball, City trips within The Netherlands or abroad in collaboration with other ESN sections of The Netherlands, Pub Quizzes or the Pub Crawl in the beginning of each semester. So do you like organizing events and activities? Then this committee will suit you!

•Entertaining skills
•Organizational talent
•Flexible and stress resistant

Marketing Committee
Do you have good photoshop skills or simply like to come up with creative promotional campaigns and execute them? Then the marketing and media committee is the right committee for you! Alongside the Head of Marketing and Media, the committee members brainstorm about ways to raise awareness about ESN Breda, promote different events or help with our Social Media pages. You are free to discuss your own ideas and execute them and you can be in charge of several tasks.

•Interested in online and offline marketing
•Photoshopping skills are a plus but not a must

Production Team
We are often looking for photographers and videographers for our events. Therefore the production team is created. Being part of this team does not come with any regular commitments such as committee meetings. It is possible to be part of another committee alongside being part of the production team. So if you are good with cameras and like to come to all our parties and events, do not hesitate to apply for a place in the production team!

•Good with cameras
•Some experience shooting photos or videos during parties and/or events is a plus

Partnerships Committee
As a member of the partnerships committee you will work together with the Head of Partnerships to find new partners and maintain the relationship with our current partners. You will brainstorm with the committee which local partners would be desirable for ESN Breda and then negotiate the best deals for our students.

•Taking initiative
•Smooth talker

Exchange Committee
The Exchange Committee works together with the Head of Exchange and Student Relations on creating a good start for out new international students (exchange and full-degree seeking). In the beginning of the semester, the buddy programme and the pick-up service are the priority of this committee. Other that that, the exchange committee helps to organize special socialising events. So do you like to organize things for new international students and let them get used to Breda? Then this committee is suitable for you!

•Good organizational qualities
•Internationally oriented

Social Erasmus Committee
Social Erasmus is an international project of ESN and the goal is to enable international students to contribute something to society. So far, we organized small events to raise awareness on different matters including discussion panels and there are many more ideas on what to organize in the coming semester. Being part of the Social Erasmus Committee enables you to brainstorm about new possibilities with other members and execute events. It is a nice way of contributing something to the local charities and good causes and raising awareness. So if you are a world-minded person and want to make a change, join Social Erasmus!

•Internationally oriented
•World-minded, thinking about impacts you have on the world, etc.
•Organizational qualities

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