know a lot of you have an ESN card and use it for discounts on our events. But there’s so much more! Did you know you can use it all over Europe? Here’s how to use it to your full advantage.

 Let’s start this off in Breda. For the best coffee in town in a beautiful city garden, visit Sowieso with a friend and get 50% off on the second coffee. It’s a nice and quiet place, great for studying!



In for a party? At Miller Time, just flash that fancy ESN card to get beer, wine, and soda for only €1,50. Guess what, they even have a special ESN shot available now ;).


Student rooms are small, this can be difficult when friends or family are staying over. Worry no longer, with you ESN card you now get 10% off on your booking at the Apollo hotel near the train station. No more couches and mattresses on the floor for your dearest. While you’re at it, you can get them a free simcard so you don’t have to miss them for a second. Get your free prepaid simcard by Lebara now at our office.



If you’re planning a trip with friends, you might have considered renting a car. This can be a little expensive, but not anymore. Rent with our partner HolidayCars and get 15% off!



We’re always working on more local partnerships here in Breda, we’ll keep you posted on our Facebook and website. You can find more deals for your ESN Card in Breda here:


What you probably didn’t know yet, is that the ESN card is not only for in Breda. ESN Europe has many great deals for you, which you can find on . Let me show you a quick overview of our favourites:


10% off on 4000 hostels all over the world with hostelling international. From Paris to Berlin, Shanghai to New York, Sydney to Brazil, Brussels to Stockholm.... Everywhere!


15% off on flights with Student Universe. Check for their special prices on our website:


35%(!!!) off on all Logitech products on their website:


If you’re a newsjunkie like me you’re gonna love this one: With your ESN card you get a 20% discount on a The Economist subscription. The Economist is generally regarded as one of the most objective news providers, which can be hard to find these days.


This should leave you with plenty to choose from. I have one banger to close this blog off with, ESN just signed a partnership with RyanAir! From our Press release:

 To provide Erasmus students with attractive discounts, Ryanair, the largest European airline, and Erasmus Student Network are launching an exclusive partnership. The offer will include 15% discount on flights on the website and a free checked-in bag with every flight booked.

 More info on this here: . Good luck traveling the world for less!