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Why you should rent a car during your holiday

Want to add to the fun and experiences you have during your trip? Rent a car and head out to unknown places! Because that is what you can do when renting a car. You probably have done it before or thought of it sometimes, but it really improves your holiday. You are totally free in going everywhere, whenever it suits you. Without ever having to wait for public transport or calling a taxi. You can even go where public transport can’t even take you, like remote lakes, high mountain peaks or beautiful deserted beaches.

Rental cars with extra discount for ESN members

Are you a member of ESN Breda and in need of a rental car during your next trip? This is your chance to book one with extra discount. You will not find any rental car that is cheaper than this! ESN Breda has started a collaboration with worldwide car rental market place This website looks for the very best deals of 800 car rental companies at 30.000 destinations, to provide you with the cheapest rental deals available. To top it all, they offer all members of ESN Breda the oppotunity to book a rental car with 15% discount on top of the best available prices. This way, you will save some money to spend during your holiday!

Reliable and cheap car rental

Besides providing the best prices for car rental, offers reliable rental cars and always wants you to have the best rental experience. They advise you to book your rental car up to 6 weeks in advance of the pick up date. At this point in time, the rental cars still have low prices. Also, they address the importance of reading the terms and conditions carefully in order to prevent surprises at the rental desk. Every rental company has its own terms and conditions, so really read them.

Have a good trip!